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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Witches Apothecary Chest - VIDEO TUTORIAL

My idea for this apothecary was to make it look like it was alive complete with feet, hands, and lots of eyes (I have the image of the eyes for you further down in the post).  I can imagine the chest following the witch around while the candles argue with each other.  The core of this piece is a simple assembled Vanity Box with drawer kit.
The hands attached to the sides serve multiple purposes; they can be used to lift the chest, hold items (like the cauldron), and make the chest look alive.   I used a medallion mold with a skeleton chest and polymer clay to attach the hands to the chest.  The pulls on the drawers are bones from my stash. 
The candles with faces are made from polymer clay, which I demonstrate how to make in the video tutorial.
I’ve made all kinds of witchy stuff (bottles, books, a bookstand, scrolls, chalice, potion bowl, hourglass, and wand) to go on top of and inside the chest.  There must be something particularly nasty in the stack of boxes as it is chained and locked.  Notice I’ve used another set of hands as part of a book stand for the Spells and Potion book.
The spell books are made from my Mini Witches Library Collage Sheet, and the bottle labels and other images are from the Witchy Little Labels & Ephemera Collage Sheet.

In the video tutorial, I’ll walk you through how I assembled and constructed all of the apothecary chest elements.

FREE IMAGE - Sized to fit the front of the box.


claude said...

marvellous scene, I love

sheilaAR said...

Laura, this is so delightful! As always, your details are incredible. Thanks for the tutorial, would love to try and make one myself. You have brought this chest to life...can just picture it following the witch around, stomping and muttering....xo

Francine Perri said...

Omg I love this. I just made a haunted house with the last items I won. I would love this. Thank you

Karen Mallory said...

Fantastic Laura! I want to make those candles!!!

Charlene said...

With a pharmacist husband that always enjoyed compounding, I would be so excited about this project. I'm so happy to find your blog!!! Thanks.

Roxanne said...

hahah....Ghoulishly Wonderful! I get a kick out of your imagination! So much detail and fun in all of your projects! Love them! TFS. Great!

Unknown said...

Hi Laura
Your creations are amazing !!!!!
I see that you live in Arizona. Me too!
Do you teach classes? Do you have a shop? TFS all of wonderful bits.

Tee said...

Gorgeous detailed work Laura! I love the miniature books and candles!

Greatgrandma said...

Another great project. Can't wait till my supplies get here to start.
Thank you again for sharing such wonderful ideas.

netteeee said...

When i first saw this i was thinking Harry Potter but this is so much better. Very clever and enjoyed watching tutorial. Thank u so much for sharing such a wonderful idea. Dont know if i could be as clever as u

barbara macaskill said...

You never cease to amaze and inspire me with your mesmerizing and magical creations! I would give anything to spend just a few minutes inside your head seeing where you get these fabulous ideas!!!
If only I had an endless budget to be able to buy the supplies to create them with my own twist. My husband of 28 years left me in February for a little prostitot 18 years younger than him and the thing I miss most is his paycheck which enabled me to buy craft supplies! All I want out of the divorce is that so I can get back to shopping for the supplies I so desire! LOL
Thanks for sharing your brilliance with us!

Alicia said...