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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Christmas Project - Matchbox Advent Calendar Ornaments

Tis the season for Christmas projects and I have a few seasonal projects coming your way.  The first is a set of matchbox advent calendar ornaments.  I can imagine how fun it would be for kids to scan the tree each day looking for the day’s ornament then opening the box to reveal a small gift or treat. 
There is nothing complicated about this project which is made up of cutting and gluing, a good project to work on at night while watching TV.  The matchboxes I used are larger than the ones you find in the store which means you can insert larger items.  They are made from a simple pre-scored two-piece kit, just fold and glue to make a matchbox. 
The inspiration for the color scheme and design comes from the Christmas in the Village Countdown Scrapbook Paper with its twenty-four snow covered house with the number in the middle.

I dressed the boxes with hanging charms, beads, and buttons.  In the tutorial below I show you how to make a button into a hanging charm.  

I added a 25th box for Christmas day and used the “Merry Christmas” phrase from the Holiday Phrases Collage Sheet.  I used a wooden hanging number charm to designate the day.  This comes in a set of 25 numbers which you could use to number the boxes instead of using the paper.
Some of the houses on the paper had trees which I wrapped around the sides of the boxes.


After assembling the boxes, I punched a hole at each end of the box drawer to accommodate the hanging charm and ribbon hanger.  I then ran a skewer through the holes and used spray paint to quickly paint the boxes (this was a great timesaver).  Using the skewer made it so easy to hold to spray each box and then stick the end of the skewer into a piece of foam to dry.

I lined the inside of the box drawers with paper from the Jingle 6x6 paper pad and re-punched the holes.  For the hanger, I cut 10” pieces of coordinating ribbon and tied the ends together in a knot then slipped the unknotted side of the loop through one of the drawer holes (the knot keeps the ribbon from slipping through the hole.
In the other hole, I added a bead and eye pin (snipped shorter and looped).  The bead keeps the eye pin from slipping through the hole.  I then added a piece of chain, a jump ring and then a charm, bead or button (turned in to a charm).

I used various 12x12 sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper to cover the matchbox case.

I used two sheets of the Christmas in the Village Countdown Scrapbook Paper, by cutting out the full houses & trees from one and the center number from the other.  To make the number pop, I glued it to a piece of chipboard and then to the house.

I added gold glitter to the banner on each side of the number and white glitter to the snow which gave the ornament some sparkle. 

To turn a button into a charm, I added a bead to wire and then wrapped the wire a few times under the bead to make a knot.

I fished the wire through one of the button holes (from the back side of the stocking) then back down into the other hole snugly pulling the wire straight behind the button.
I then trimmed some of the wire away then using needle nose pliers, I made loops in the wire (it’s your choice as to how many loops to make but I would make at least two loops).  Notice in the picture how the loops are in front of the button and the wire going up the back is tight with the loops in front holding everything in place.




claude said...

excellent idea!

Elizabeth S said...

An Excellent tactile Advent Calendar kids love to discover little things in this way!