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Monday, September 19, 2022


I'm excited to announce that Doll House & Miniature Magazine has featured my Grimsley Village and Halloween Carnival pieces in their October issue in a six-page spread in the middle of the magazine.

Along with featuring my pieces, they also include an interview with me focused on how I got started and where my inspiration for Halloween projects comes from.

Doll House & Miniature Magazine is a UK-based publication produced in print and digital forms.

In addition to my feature, what's in this Issue?

Get set for an abundance of spooktacular inspiration!  From wickedly good projects with simple step-by-step for you to follow to artisans who enjoy more of the macabre, if Halloween is a season you enjoy, there will certainly be something for you.  Maive Ferrando’s cupcakes have a wicked witch diving head first into the ‘buttercream,’ and Louise Goldsborough Bird creates a witch’s outfit complete with the patterns you need, inspired by Steampunk.

Elsewhere, Moi Ali strolls down Memory Lane, in the world of IT, with creations I’m sure will be conversation starters… from a Spectrum ZX81, a Commodore 64 to an Apple Macintosh, this will be a wonderful piece of nostalgia.

We hope this copious amount of inspiration, top tips, and fascinating features get your creative juices flowing – happy mini-making!

Get digital copies to read on your favorite device with bonus features or printed copies delivered to your door here: 

Single issues: https://www.hobbies-and-crafts.co.uk/store/back-issues/dolls-house-miniature-scene

Subscriptions: https://www.hobbies-and-crafts.co.uk/store/subscriptions/dolls-house-miniature-scene

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