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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Victorian Christmas Toy Shop – Designed for Alpha Stamps

This Christmas Toy Shop is one of the pieces I recently designed for Alpha Stamps.  In the picture above you see the outside of the shop.
The picture above is of the inside of the shop.  The base of the toy shop is made from a chipboard square shrine that you can find at Alpha Stamps.
The background made from decorative paper that I stamped and embossed with snow patterns.  I added white flocking powder to the base to simulate snow.
The inserts in the door are made of embossed glass slides.  Click here to see a tutorial on how to emboss and paint glass.  Behind the glass is a German Scrap Christmas Tree.  The door is embellished with fold over bails and small fluer connectors.

The nutcrackers are embellished with white flocking powder and glitter.


To create the bay windows I glued together three Masonite gothic windows.  Alpha Stamps sells these and they come in a set of 12 windows with 3 different designs.

I added chipboard to the bottom and the top of the windows for support and to provide a surface for the toys inside the window.  I used white flocking powder and Twinklets Diamond Dust to create the impression of snow and icicles.
To create the awnings, I covered a piece of chipboard with candy cane paper then added antique brass leaves as hardware.
 Alternative Idea for Awnings
Another way you can create awnings is by using a decorative paper edge punch.  First punch the patterned paper, then punch multiple pieces of cardstock.  Glue all the pieces together to create a sturdy decorative awning.
I used four mat board trees.  I first painted them silver then coated them with Twinklets Diamond Dust.
Alpha Stamps carries several paper theater collage sheets.  The sheets have lots of curtains and pediments.  I used the images on these sheets to build up the background inside of the Toy Shop and for pediments both inside and outside of the shop.
To create the shelves that are holding the toys, I used the inserts that pop out of the gothic windows.  I glued them together, painted them gold and glued them to the walls.
I constructed a table using chipboard and added brass feet to the front.  The backside is glued to the wall.  I used images from the Alpha Stamps Slide Mailer/Shrine Stages collage sheet to cover the table.  I trimmed the front with Christmas bulb garland.
I made the base of the wreath by wrapping gold wired tinsel around a chipboard circle.
All of the images of people, toys, balloons, Santa, the Christmas Tree, Nutcrackers, sleigh etc. are all backed with cardstock to make them sturdy.  I run the images through a Xyron machine to apply a coating of adhesive.  I then stick the images to cardstock. To add dimension, I used double stick foam core tape to attach all of the images to the walls, the shelves and to the kiosks.
The kiosks came about because once I filled up the walls with images, I found there was more I wanted to add and I was out of room.  I also wanted to give the shop even more dimension and make it feel like a real store.  So I decided to add the kiosks.  They are not attached to anything so they can be moved around or function as a standalone piece.
The packages are made of wooden blocks I purchased at the craft store and are covered in decorative paper. The post holding the balloons is a wooden dowel covered in the same candy cane paper as the awnings in the front of the shop.

To create the bases of the kiosks, I used clear plastic craft containers.  You can find them in craft stores and online.  They come in a stack of four.  There is no special reason why I chose these containers.  I knew what I wanted to do and I just rummaged around my studio until I found something that would work.

I used one container (without the lid) for each kiosk.  Around the base of the containers I glued strips of children and cats images that can be found on the Alpha Stamps Fairy Tale Curtains collage sheet.  Next, I added a chipboard top covered in decorative paper.  The reason I used my own top instead of the plastic top that comes with the container is that I needed to punch holes in the top to insert the dowel for the ballons.

I had a lot of fun making this and i hope you find some inspiration.  You still have a few days to sign up for the Alpha Stamps Toy Shop Swap.  You don’t need to make anything nearly as involved as my Toy Shop.  Mine is more of an inspiration piece to give you ideas about what can be done. 

Below is a list of Alpha Stamps products I used.  Click product name and the hyperlink will take you to the product in the Alpha Stamps store.
·         Square Shrine
·         Set of Fancy Gothic Windows
·         Dead Tree Cut-Outs
·         Tinsel - Gold
·         Small Fold Over Bail
·         Swirl Ornament Hook
·         Ornate Brass Teardrop
·         Small Christmas Blub Garland
·         Ornate Brass Box Feet
·         Antique Brass Leaves
·         Angel Wing Beads
·         Tim Holtz Ornate Plates Set
·         Santa/Trees Dresden Scraps
·         Candy Canes Scrapbook Paper
·         CS Christmas Dolls
·         CS Snug in Their Beds
·         CS Square Shrine Box Seats
·         CS Santa’s Workshop
·         CS SQ Shrine Opera House
·         CS SQ Shrine Curtains
·         CS Fairy Tale Curtains
·         CS Victorian Shoppers
·         CS Christmas Titles


bobbie said...

OMG, Laura!!! This is mind-blowingly FABULOUS! The details are all so perfect ~
You've really outdone yourself this time time!!!!!!!

Wendy Aspinall said...

I double that OMG to STUNNING! laura I came over to thank you for my ATC it arrived this morning... and I was stunned at that but when I came to the blog.. well gob smacked! Laura you are what willy wonker is to chocolate....

Hugs wendy

Dorothy C. said...

All I can say is WOW!!! I also received my beautiful ATC yesterday. It so incredibly stunning in person.There is so much detail and dimension that a picture can't capture. I love it, love it.... Thank you so much for your generosity.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a lot of amazing art online but this one just blew me away!!!
You did an amazing job with this. You put so much love and work into it.
Its totally AWESOME!!!!!

Venus Blues Hideaway said...

Oh wow!!!! Your work is so awesome--Amazing stuff, super!! Did I mention that I love your work :)

ImagiMeri said...

Hey There,

I had to pull out of the swap, as my mom has hurt herself even further. With a broken right shoulder and a broken left hand, she is totally dependent on me for everything now. I so wanted to participate in this swap, as you inspired me so much. Thank you for being such a generous soul and sharing your tips and tricks. Your work is stunning, and I only wish I might have had a chance to get it in a swap.........I know......I dream high!


Sarah said...

Your attention to detail and a vivid imagination makes this an incredible display. Really outstanding work, Laura!

CreativSpirit said...

You are amazing Laura, there is so much attention to detail and it certainly shows in the gorgeous finished toy shop. Wow!!

Gina Peake said...

Ok....now your just showing off!! Just kidding :)
Wow! It is so amazing. Please send me some of your talent. I think you have plenty to spare.
It's incredible.

Karenliz Henderson said...

I have a rug burn on my chin when it hit the floor! What an amazing piece! There is so much detail that you can look at it over and over and see new things. Brilliant!

Art From The heart said...

Oh my, Oh my I just can't find the words. Truly I'v not seen anything like this in paper art.Totally amazing,it must have taken days!!
Love this beyond words.

Joanne said...

I am almost in tears at the incredulous beauty of this piece. I just don't know what to say.
Hugs Joanne xx

Elaine A said...

Laura -

I think you've outdone Santa! This is beautiful! What a wonderful artist you are. This piece just made me wish for Christmas past. Beautiful!!

Elaine Allen

Daniele said...

OMG you are one talented lady.....pure inspirational genius

smokeysmom said...

OMG Laura! I can't take my eyes off this fabulous Toy Shop! Your projects never cease to amaze me, but this one is absolutely incredible. Alpha Stamps will be bowing to you over this one. Gorgeous, so detailed - it makes ME feel like a kid again!

Lululiz said...

Words just fail me.

Kris Dickinson said...

WOW Laura. You just knocked me over. Lauren's doing CPR right now, lol! Just kidding but holy smokes this is amazing work. You are the master!

From your biggest fan - xox Kris

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

This is spectacular!
I have to go take another look.
enJOY a lovely day,

Unknown said...

First a BIG THANK YOU for the fun Halloween card! I really love it! In person it is so much fun!

Now on to this beautiful piece ....so wonderful each detail so amazing! I appreciate you sharing all of the things you used to create this and the pointers are so helpful!


Anonymous said...

You are such a wealth of information. Thank you so much for the tips and sharing your beautiful work.

Leanne said...

Wow. (Didn't I just say that in my last comment on your blog? :) )

I am a closet paper theatre fan. I have a Cinderella paper theatre I just haven't been game to put together -- and I've had it for 20 years! Perhaps its time ....

Man, you just made me want to shop, real bad, at Alpha Stamps :)

Createology said...

Laura...This is truly a work of art and belongs in the Smithsonian. The details and levels of all things glorious is beyond over the moon amazing. YOU are such an artist and I am so thankful you share your work with us. Stunning, breathtaking, speechless...

Sonya Badgley said...

Oh my gosh! This is amazing, Laura! YOU'RE amazing! It is just beautiful!
You are so gifted...I'm in awe.

Moonbeam said...

OMG! This is FREAKIN' AMAZING! It reminds me so much of the beautiful pop-up books I loved so much as a child. I ADORE tiny things - this so inspires me to go create something christmasy and tiny! Thank you so much for sharing!

Виктория Волконская said...

Это просто потрясающе. Волшебный маленький мир!

A Strange Allure said...

Wow! That is so neat! All the details...I don't know if my imagination works on that large of a scale...I created a paper theatre last month and it's not even close to this much detail...but it was alot of fun. Awesome work. :)

Angie said...

Okay....now I have to post my comment in the Right place.

I was so overwhelmed by the wonderful details of your "Toy Shop", I posted under the tutorial (which is wonderful too).

I love it all, Laura. A Christmas wish come true. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Debbie said...

Laura, all I can say is....I am blown away! enough said


Plush Possum Studio said...

This is simply wonderful. I don't even believe what I'm viewing, it's that good.
Your photography shows everything, which makes this a pleasure worth viewing over and over.
Excuse me while I gawk......

P.S. I am now a new Follower.

Lynn Stevens said...

Laura, You already know how much I ADORE your Toy store. I feel like I'm a kid in the candy store with all that eye candy!!!
Love all the close up pictures they show it so much better.

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and Best of luck!!!
Hugs Lynn

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Laura, this is totally AMAZING!!!!! xoxo Kris

Mary Ann Tate said...

Just amazing...you are so creative it blows my mind...LOL

Rhissanna said...

Oh my! This is absolutely gorgeous! It's just the inspiration I need for this year's Christmas. Thank you so much, for making it, for sharing it and for telling us how you did it. I'm in awe...

Cheryl said...

OMGoodness these are amazing, wow, I especially love the little houses, would love to try one, thank you so much for sharing such incredibly beautiful work - well done.

Jan said...

I love this amazing creation! So much detail to take in, I just can't stop looking at it. Thanks for sharing your amazing scene. I agree with previous commenter who said this should be in the Smithsonian!!

April said...

This is just truly awesome! Your imagination just runs wild when you get an idea, wonderful, wonderful piece.

2amscrapper said...

so incredible!

Unknown said...

It is hard to believe it has only been a year Laura! I do believe you should have a magazine with all of your talents displayed for the world to see!!! You are such a fabulous artist!

Leah said...

This is really, really beautiful! I just found your blog from the steam tea link party - lots of beautiful projects here! Thanks for sharing.

Helen said...

My first (but not last) visit to your blog and I'm in awe of your talents. Fantastic.

Michele said...

all i can say is WOW! a total delight. xo