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Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Carnival – Balloon Cart

The balloon cart was one of those projects that you probably have seen pictures of but it was not covered in the tutorials.
The base of the card is made from a box I found at Michael’s Craft Store for $1.00.  I choose it because it had metal mesh in the lid.  I removed the latch and hinges then painted the outside and inside metallic purple.  I glued a piece of Styrofoam in the bottom of the box (also painted purple).

The wheels are metal gears (glued to the box) and underneath the box, I glued a wooden dowel to hold up the back of the box.  The handle is made from wooden skewers and one of the chipboard swirls that came in the same set as the chipboard swirls I used for the chairs on the Ferris Wheel and some of the benches.

I glued the wire in between the balloon images and a piece of heavy cardstock.  The wires then fit through the mesh of the box and into the Styrofoam inside the box.


Maureen said...

Awesome! I just love that you used that trinket box... brilliant! The details are fab and make this such a great addition to your carnival.

artwolf2009 said...

you are so full of clever and adorable ideas. Thanks for sharing all you do with us. You are a great source of inspiration

Marfi-topia said...

so cute!

VicR said...

This is So clever. Love it. You really have a gr8 imagination, and good at finding bargain deals too :)

Karen Mallory said...

Love it Laura! Already made mine from a wooden coffin! Just got my new collage sheets so adding more balloons.
hugs Karen

Holly M said...

What a fun little cart! And a nice tutorial. Thanks.

Tarnished Rose said...



Cocofolies said...

Wonderful idea and make, this is so pretty and brilliant !!! Great make as usual. Hugs, coco x