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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Carnival - More Pieces from Laurie

Oh my, you are not going to believe all of the pieces Laurie has made.
The paper she used looks like a fire is burning under those pots and I love the graveyard trim.
Laurie couldn't find lamp shade hoop so she had an epiphany and decide to use splatter screens (to keep grease from popping out of the pan) as the sides of her Ferris Wheel. 
For more pictures and details checkout Laurie’s blog “The Rogue Stamper”.


VicR said...

OH, I'm just Loving these! The ticket booth and patrons makes me smile, and love the spinning cauldrons ride. I lol reading Laurie's blog post about the one skeleton just chillin' and the other with his arms up is a hoot!
Sooo clever to use those splatter screens, and awesome dodge the zombies too!
VickiR in OH

Maureen said...

Wow Laurie, what a huge project! Love all your creations too...

Laura it must be so satisfying to see how much of an inspiration you are to all us crafters.

Wonderful Carnival Event!